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Raw Leather Bulk from Turkey

Raw Leather Wholesale from Turkey

Raw leather bulk in various colors and various types such as; cow leather, lamb leather, exotic leathers, python leather, ostrich leather and more. 

We wholesale raw genuine leather, raw Pu faux leather, raw exotic leather wholesale. We can also print pattern or design on leather wholesale. You can order sample product or piece of material to check quality and design.

    Raw leather types are critical for businesses that manufacture a variety of leather based products. Our expert and experienced team identifies the highest quality raw leather types and directs them to the manufacturing area after passing various tests. This wholesale is then converted into raw leather products in the following step.

    Leather is processed in the process of producing leather products, and then leather is transformed into a different product in the next process. When it comes to wholesale raw leather, however, the situation is a little different. Unprocessed leather is used, resulting in extremely valuable items. If you want to use our Oem wholesale raw leather varieties in a variety of products, particularly bags, shoes, belts, and accessories, you should contact us right away to get detailed information.

    Cow leather, lambskin, exotic leathers, python leather, ostrich leather, which we produce in various colors and types, are in bulk. All types of raw genuine leather, raw PU faux leather, and raw exotic leather are sold at wholesale. We also offer you the opportunity to customize your products by printing your own logo and label on the raw leather bulk.

    In order to have quality Oem raw leather bulk, it is enough to contact us via our website or WhatsApp number above.

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