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Leather Jacket Tips

Types of leather

Aniline leather:

Aniline leather is a very fine leather, often lubricated or waxed.The oil or wax added, while
the production process gives the leather its distinctive and looks natural.

Semi-aniline leather:

If aniline leather is treated with a transparent coating with a sheet of color, we call it as semi-aniline leather.It leather makes much more suitable for intensive use.

Pigmentated leather:

This type of leather is pigmentation (dyed) leather lac.It protect a sheet’s surface finished usually has a machine
made structure.This natural type of leather is strong and durable.


Nubuck leather is rubbed aniline leather with velvet surface.It as usual was created to be resisting dirt.
Many people prefer this type of leather.

Maintenance of Leather

The most important rule for removing stains is to respond quickly and not let the stain dry.
One should try as much as possible to absorb the substance with a tissue or cotton. Directly with dab warm (not hot) water.
If the stains were not removed carefully by using all sorts products.Please only those products that were advised by experts.

A few suggestions:

Use only water. Blotting with a tissue or cotton. Be careful not to use too much water. Always treat the stain with care. Then
Rub the area around the stain gently, so that we all get accustomed circles from the water.

All types of oil-based stains are best removed by using tally powder. Give a little powder on the stain. Press lightly and
leave to absorb for a few days.Afterwards remove the tally sheet and the result is a diminished or even disappeared spot.

If you prefer a full leather cleaning, we would advise you to go to a professional or you could learn from the cleaning of their methods.

Leather Care

Leather – a natural product

Those who opt for natural leather is a unique product of nature. This is something we sense from that look and feel typical leather, that can only be real natural leather. Each and every hide skin is unique. Because of the very nature of leather, scratches, scars and insect bites should not be considered errors, but as an expression of a product that is natural. The same applies to color and structural fluctuation of a skin in the closest of the hide from one to the next. This means that a garment can be made of leather in its natural state never completely left identical in terms of color or structure. Customers that feeling may not be acceptable on leather types that were treated to their surfaces a uniform all be noted on cover color. Below we have provided some tips and instructions on the best way to look like leather goods, both in business and in general use:


Most types of smooth leather and suede and sheepskin tend to lose the typical leather look like this when it can be dry cleaned. For this reason, with many kinds of leather we would advise avoiding any kind of cleaning. Most types of leather, of course, can be safely cleaned by a good specialist leather dry, although it is unreasonable for the appearance remain exactly the same as the original, in our experience, leathers, which have covered in foil or embossed cleaning is not dry in no circumstances. This method is often used in the destruction or weakening of the foil the embossed effect. We also know from experience that, in the case of goat suede qualities, a significant color change often results. For these reasons, we use almost exclusively washed goat suede.

Most types of smooth leather with a good leather treatment can be treated lotion.However, this does not apply to iron leather, since the lotion can be matt areas on the surface bring. Always test the leather lotion before on a hidden area (seam-test). A rule of thumb: Excessive Leather Care should be avoided. A light patina not affect the value of the leather.

Almost all types of leather can and should do before they carried for the first time, to be impregnated offer better protection against dirt and moisture. Please always pay the special attention label, and only use good leather impregnation spray and pay attention to the instructions for use as impregnating agents. We recommend twice impregnating preferably light and leave the leather dry in between. The distance of the spray can, the garment should be at least 20 cm.

Ironing Service
Please only iron inside out on the leather and wool setting with a pressing cloth (such as feed stock). Professionals can also iron the right way with the help of a large piece of lining material for separation. (A smooth kitchen towel can also possibly be used.). Note: Do not iron, to make contact with the leather.

Never store leather clothing in plastic bags. Use textile bags only for storage.

Instructions for suede and lambskin

Coarse meal
In the case of antilop skin suede and sheepskin slight residue of coarse flour are always first in leather or wool can be found. Users should be aware and ideally have tone-on-tone dress initially.

Antilop skin Suede
Our antilop skin suede is washable in the rule. Please follow the care label. The washing instructions on the special label provided. Smaller spills can be brushed with a soft brush, taking into account the information in “rough meal” provided above.

Fur Suede
Please note the information provided under “raw meal” is available. Brush less dirt with a soft brush.

Wearing Instructions

Leather that is left in its natural state and has not been impregnated to protect against moisture drum.

With certain paints, stains, water droplets can form that change the color. In other colors, water droplets can result in matt areas in which the leather can be removed only with difficulty or not at all. Customers who have the ability to be their clothes while walking in the rain should be made to drum impregnated leather clothes. Drum-impregnated leather has a little “spongy” feel as natural leather.Leather that is approved should be dried to form wet bar with excessive heat.

Perfume should never be sprayed on natural leather, as this can form spots. Neither should be perfume on the neck or inside of the wrists immediately applied before dressing in leather clothing, as the alcohol in perfume can contain the dye out of the leather.

In – Store Care

Hanger and leather patches
Clothing of leather should always be hung up on the appropriate bracket to avoid so-called “hook horns.” to leave When hanging pants and skirts, always to avoid leather patches impressed by the leather grip-type hanger. When leather patches can not be used to happen migration from the plastic of the hanger is made on the leather.Leaving unsightly color stains. Leather patches should always be the same color as the leather color you may experience as this migration will hang.

Migration of leather colors
Light and dark leather should never hang side by side. migration can occur as a color, ie, the color goes from one to another.

Sunlight and UV radiation
Leather in its natural state shall not hang in direct sunlight when skies. It should not be exposed to strong light, for example in shop windows. For certain colors like light blue, light pink borders, certain shades of red and certain Car and chic colors that are particularly prone to carry our bags are the instructions.

Why buy from Turkey?
Leather processing is a traditional handicraft in Turkey and was strong during the Ottoman period developed. Istanbul traditional leather manufacturing industry these days already counted close to 400 tannery shops. A tradition that deserves broaden over time, and Turkey a reputation as a superb leather production country. Turkey is still the second largest exporting country in the world. The leather raw materials, production and processing are all cheaper in Turkey.

The attention to detail is excellent and the quality superb.When trips to Turkey, it is recommended that you buy leather goods. Skin and leather goods are desirable to be excellent rates. Please visit us if you want more of these outstanding products. You are always welcome.

Why Genuine leather?
Leather is a product natural, it has not been established but it is growing with all its features, colors and nuances. Leather over time is more beautiful, shows more character and almost develops its own personality. When dyeing the skin does not absorb all colors equally, therefore developed unique color shades. Leather wrinkles, stretches and folds, it almost lives.

These are the truly valuable qualities of the leather. They are unique and so are you.

Want to learn more about the qualities of the leather to know, please let us introduce you to them.

Leather as a true natural product has many different qualities. They are based depending on different causes.

-What kind of animal species.
-The age of the animal in question.
-The environment and climate (environment) of the animal.
-The way the skin was tanned.
-The portion of the skin.
-The tillage methods were used (splitting, dyeing, flat, printing, etc.)
-For what purpose, the skin is going to be used? (Bottom, bag, jacket, gloves)

Leather Jacket Care Tips

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